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Covenant is something of an anomaly. Separately they are a sound system designer, an IT manager, a retail store manager and a college student, but together they are a Christian rock band with a twist. In a day and age where bands uproot and move to either L.A. or Nashville with dreams of stardom, nothing could be further from their minds. You see, Covenant is all about only glorifying God with their music and message.

They have a two-fold approach to what they do. Firstly, they make every effort to write music that not only catches the ear, but the soul. Covenant desires to write lyrics that speak about the attributes of God and the ways that believers relate to Him. With lyric topics such as the immutability of God, the hypostatic union of Christ, election, Gods sovereignty over sin and trials, properly discerning Gods will, the substitutionary atonement, etc., Covenant's goal is to create music that introduces the listener to a deeper understanding - a more biblical understanding of God...     Read more

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The chief end of man is to glorify God and to enjoy Him forever. Understanding the Bible is central to the life of a Christian as it is God's sole revelation to man. Yet many churches are hardly opening the Bible during the sermon - let alone when considering their music. Good expository, verse-by-verse Bible teaching is sadly becoming a thing of the past. And God's people are suffering because of it. Solid lyrics are equally hard to find. Covenant seeks to write music grounded in scripture. They also seek to demonstrate that contemporary music need not be theologically shallow.  much more!
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